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We are TARADERM - we have 50 years of skill and knowledge in natural cosmetics.


We were born in Canada in 1968, driven by the tradition and authentic way of production that originated in the Canadian province British Columbia, with the goal of following the path of the traditional recipe that lives on the slopes of a mountain range Roky mauntain.

After Canada and America, TARADERM is present on the European market with the highest quality planting creams, and this is the result of our team of researchers who are constantly working both on development and on the protection of endemic species and medicinal herbs from this region, which is one of the the most fertile plant oases in Europe.

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What distinguishes Canadian production technology is that we are able to extract the maximum use of medicinal ingredients from plant species, secret recipe and synergy of well-selected herbs and other natural ingredients that give the effectiveness of our creams.

TARADERM for its creams, it uses only wild plants harvested in their natural habitat, which survive in rough weather conditions at an altitude of 1200 to 1850m in clean mountain air, far from civilization and all negative factors that carry urban environments.

When making our creams no animal was killed, no wood was cut down, and nothing that pollutes our planet was not used.

TARADERM takes care of nature and attaches great attention to the way of reading, we do not crush the plants and do not destroy their root, but collect them in a special way by taking care of preserving the natural environment and not disturbing the natural cycle (which is one of the principles of TARADERMA, ie positive the influence of man on nature and nature on man).

Through the advocacy of preserving and protecting the natural environment, the TARADERM Foundation has decided to afforestate coniferous and deciduous trees every year, and to donate to beekeepers association in the interest of the restoration of bee companies from every sale via the Internet.

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We can say that our creams feature 100 organic origins on the basis of plants and other components that through our skin benefit the whole organism.

In TARADERM laboratories, researchers and toxicologists have team work to maintain the quality and safety of our products. All products TARADERM were subjected to laboratory studies conducted under the supervision of a dermatologist by 
eminent institutes

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TARADERM Foundation


TARADERM The foundation was established in 2018 to provide a framework for charity events and sponsorships undertaken by the foundation. TARADERM organizes actions to help handicapped children with autoimmune diseases, elderly people who need help, pregnant women, sports teams and sports events.

The foundation also pays great attention to the preservation and protection of the natural environment.

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