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We are proud to come from Canada, and we are pleased that we are in Serbia.
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The creators of TARADERM’S tend to offer products with the highest efficiency and rigor for quality during their natural creams, as well as to transfer the tradition and authentic way of production that originated in the Canadian province of British Columbia back in 1968. According to Canadian technology and recipes and in line with the offer of plant species from this region (the area of ​​Serbia and Montenegro is one of the world’s leading in the number of different plant and endemic species that can not boast of other countries), we have come to the best way extraction of mountain plants. Our technologists have succeeded in combining TARADERM creams with over 50 herbal extracts with the highest quality and natural raw materials.

In its creams, TARADERM does not use artificial preservatives and scents, so the scent of our creams is characterized by rich natural aroma.

Traderm born in canada
Dr med sci Blagojević Dušica

Experts opinion

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In modern world herbs are being used more and more in more natural state for curing large number of disieases and more and more in cosmeticsHonoring this fact collection TARADERM is included in modern trends worldwide.During centuries it has been created a science discipline that is dealing with proper use of herbs, structure, extracting and establishing curable components, contraindications and other characteristics.Tha science is called pharmacognosia . Effects of herbs depends of quantity of curable components in them.


Physico-chemical analyzes of creams were performed by the most prestigious institutes in the country and abroad

Institute of Public Health of Serbia
“Dr Milan Jovanović Batut” ul. Dr Subotića br. 5
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

The Institute for Health Protection of Serbia “Dr Milan Jovanović Batut” is a health institution that performs activities of general interest in the field of health care in the Republic of Serbia. The Institute coordinates, implements and participates in the implementation of special programs of health care of the population, adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

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Under eye cream 15ml


Effect cream:
To treat the problem of dark rings and pouches under the eyes. By its action, the herbal cream reduces and calms the dark rings, it positively influences the circulation, and thus gradually eliminates the formation of bags under the eyes and restores the skin’s natural appearance, provides long-lasting hydration, retards aging and the formation of a mantle.

Wrinkle Cream 30ml


Effect cream:
The cream slows down the aging process, rejuvenates the natural texture of the skin, reduces the existing and prevents the formation of new wrinkles. It penetrates deeply, penetrates through the epiderm, stimulating the regeneration of cells within the middle layer of the skin. High vitamin E content regenerates and nourishes the skin, perfectly firmens the skin and prevents loss of elasticity.

regeneration cream taraderm

Skin regeneration cream 50ml


Effect cream:
The cream has a regenerative effect and is therefore used in all types of skin damage: burns, scars and wound healing, wounds, hematoma, eczema, uptightness and skin sagging, psoriasis. It also helps with various irritations and burns of the dirt and cracked skin, as well as dulls in children. It is suitable for skin regeneration after surgical interventions, as well as for healthy skin.

antireumatic creamantireumatic natural cream

Antireumatic cream 50ml


It is effective in alleviating pain and problems such as:
– back pain and stiffness,
– rheumatic disorders and muscle and joint pain
– recovery after fractures, sprains and exhalations pain and stiffness of the neck
– knees, shoulders, hips
– Arthritis, sciatica and lumbago
– stops the cartilage and helps restore it

cream for acne and pimples

Cream for acne and pimples 30ml


This natural herbal cream has a deep, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect. The cream acts gradually, deepens and regenerates the skin. It reduces inflammation and regulates sebum secretion. Due to its regenerative effect it is effective in existing scars and other irregularities on the surface of the skin.

Natural venius creamNatural cream for venius

Vein cream 50ml


This herbal cream alleviates the symptoms of enlarged veins and capillaries, reduces the onset of pain, islet and the feeling of severe and tired legs, affects the elasticity of the walls of veins, causing their narrowing, i.e. return to original condition.

sport cream taradermCream for sports injuries 50ml

Cream for sports injuries 50ml



Herbal ingredients, which Taraderm Cream contains, are a component that works for damaged, damaged tissue in terms of a local analgesic effect. With its deep action, the cream passes through all layers of the skin regenerating both the skin and the cartilage and the injured ligaments.



cream for hemorrhoides

Hemorrhoids cream 50ml


For internal and external hemorrhoids
xtremely efficient herbal cream that has a very antiseptic and regenerative effect. It is easily absorbed, it helps eliminate pain and itching. Strengthens the walls of the blood vessels, stops bleeding and removes the problems caused by the presence of hemorrhoids. Positively works on anal fissures, abscesses and fistulae. Due to their natural composition, Taraderm herbal cream can also be used by pregnant women.

cream for face taradermnatural cream for face

Face cream 30ml


The cream is intended for all skin types, it functions profundely, penetrates all the layers of the epithelium, cleanses, regenerates greasy and dehydrated skin of the face. It has a very antioxidant and antibacterial effect, thus removing irregularities on the skin and restoring its natural functions to balance.

Why do we all love our natural creams?


Guarantee of quality

Canadian production technology and strict criteria for the selection of all raw materials that are part of our creams are the success of TARADERMA.

All natural balm

Our creams are designed for those with quality in the first place. If you only want the best for yourself and your family, use TARADERM herbal creams.

Health is reflected on the skin

We are proud of the rich composition of our cream, where all carefully selected ingredients in common synergy make a wide range of effects on both the skin and the whole body.

Principles of TARADERMA

Education, determination, integrity, expertise, ambition, respect, quality, solidarity and team spirit form the basis of TARADERM culture. Only the joint and team work can achieve the desired results.

Natural products

TARADERM herbal creams contain the highest quality raw materials of natural and organic origin so that they do not contain corticosteroids, artificial preservatives and scents, as well as any substance of chemical origin.

We preserve nature

TARADERM Foundation pays great attention to the preservation and protection of the natural environment. We carry out afforestation and donate from every sale via the Internet to the association of beekeepers in the interest of the renewal of bee companies.

How to order over the Internet?

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  • 3. Fill in the information and delivery address

  • 4. Receive an order and enjoy natural creams

Taraderm creams for face and body

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Affiliated Institutions

TARADERM creates collaboration through eminent institutes helping in the advancement of products on an organic basis.